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What Is A Masonry Contractor?

Masonry contractor – what is it?

A Masonry contractor or Bricklayer is someone that has completed the necessary training in the field of Bricklayer regulated by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training, or equivalent government approved training program.

When to call a masonry contractor?

A Mason or Bricklayer is required when a structure will bear any load. If the work being done requires a certified Bricklayer as per the direction of building plans, building engineer, or architectural drawings. 

What is the difference between a mason and a stone veneer installer?

A Mason’s work can encompass many elements, from brick or stone to concrete reinforcement, substrate, and concrete.  Generally speaking, the work performed by a mason is considered part of the structure or construct. Work done by a qualified mason can be used to hold structural weight or to provide retention to walls or earth structures. 

On the other hand, the work done by a stone veneer installer usually involves the attachment of a stone or brick veneer to an already finished construct. The stone or brick veneer becomes the decorative part of the facade, having no structural barring.

Do I need a masonry contractor to install a stone veneer?

Not necessarily; a properly trained installer can install stone and brick veneer on almost any construction substrate. The installer would need to be aware of and follow the best practices required by the stone or brick veneer manufacturer. 

Kapstone Masonry installs stone and brick veneer according to manufacturers’ specifications. If your project requires stone veneer installation in the Calgary area, please feel free to contact us by email, or you can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram.