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What Is A Bricklayer?

Great question!  In this article we are going to explain what a bricklayer is and the skills needed to be proficient.  This article will also answer the question: Do you need a bricklayer for your next stone or brick veneer project?

What Is A Bricklayer?

A bricklayer or a mason is a person whose job is to work with bricks, stones or veneers to build walls, houses and other structures.  A bricklayer will also have the skills to do repairs, restorations and renovation projects with these materials.  Both terms, “bricklayer” and “mason” can be used interchangeably.  

Skills Of The Bricklayer

Bricklayers are hardworking individuals with an eye for detail.  They must be physically fit as they generally work with weighty bricks and stones.  It is strenuous work!  It involves bending and kneeling for extended periods of time, as well as heavy lifting.  

When working with mortar, a bricklayer will require manual dexterity to apply smooth, even layers of mortar to quickly set bricks and stone.  These skills apply when a bricklayer installs stone or brick veneer as well.

An eye for detail to ensure brick, stone and veneer fit together perfectly to create a eye-pleasing structure and design.  Bricklayers can be extremely creative.  Amazing structures such as churches, castles, building facades, even the ancient Egyptian pyramids were constructed by creative bricklayers with an eye for detail.  In modern times, popular creative patterns for brick include herringbone and contemporary designs.  [Insert pictures here]

Some brick structures and buildings are considered works of art, thanks to creative bricklayers.  These buildings are such masterpieces that many have worked extremely hard to persevere original brick on buildings 100 years and older!  Do you have any old brick buildings in the city you live?  Likely you appreciate how much character they bring to the neighborhood!

At times, a bricklayer will need to read blueprints and drawings, calculate materials required and use tools to cut bricks and stone veneer.

Lastly, a skilled bricklayer will come prepared to the job site with the right tools.  Among their gear, the bricklayers tool bag with include trowel, hammers, bolsters, laser levels, tape measure, lifting equipment, drills, mixers and other power tools.

Do I need a bricklayer for my next project?

Depending on the type of project and materials desired, you may consider a bricklayer for your next job.  

When working with stone or bricks, it is highly recommended to hire a the right person for the job.  Just as in any trade, the experience and skills of a professional bricklayer will ensure that your project is done correctly and to the highest standards. 

Stone veneer is generally an easy material to install, but there are times when a professional’s help is best. Interior stone is an example where DIY is possible, especially if you use faux stone. Still, the right tools and some masonry skills are necessary to ensure that each layer is level and that enough adhesive is applied. Exterior installation, however, should generally be left to a professional. There are many more steps and skills involved, especially to prevent moisture or water from causing damage. A professional will also have the necessary tools and help remove any stress from handling the work yourself. If you are adding stone veneer to boost curb appeal or just want to ensure quality, hire a pro. Investing in a professional is never the wrong choice.

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