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What is Manufactured Stone?

Manufactured stone, sometimes called “engineered stone,” is a product that results from mixing concrete, water and colouring agents like iron oxide into molds that simulate the natural look and feel of stone. The Advantages of Manufactured Stone Manufactured stone can simulate the endless looks and colours of natural stone. This makes the possibilities endless! It […]

What Is A Masonry Contractor?

Masonry contractor – what is it? A Masonry contractor or Bricklayer is someone that has completed the necessary training in the field of Bricklayer regulated by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training, or equivalent government approved training program. When to call a masonry contractor? A Mason or Bricklayer is required when a structure will bear any […]

10 Masonry Facts You May Not Have Known

Masonry is part of our daily lives, you may just not realize it.  It has helped shaped communities and at times, even civilizations. Masonry in Calgary Masonry has been a big part of the history of Calgary.  In 1886 a fire in downtown Calgary destroyed much of the wood home and buildings in community.  After […]

Adding Stone Veneer To My Calgary Home.

Adding stone veneer is a great option for your Calgary home.  There are many reasons why they’re an ideal option, this article will discuss 4 reasons why it’s a great choice! 1) Strength and durability  2) Calgary weather resistant 3) Customize the look you want 4) Great product warranty Stone veneer is strong and durable […]