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What is Manufactured Stone?

Manufactured stone, sometimes called “engineered stone,” is a product that results from mixing concrete, water and colouring agents like iron oxide into molds that simulate the natural look and feel of stone.

The Advantages of Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone can simulate the endless looks and colours of natural stone. This makes the possibilities endless! It has inspired many designers and architects to explore different colours and textures for exterior features and interior applications.

Manufactured stone is a great idea if the plan is to provide a particular look or aesthetic. Engineered stone mimics natural stone so well that it makes uncommon stone types and styles feasible.

Some developers have planned the look of whole communities to include a particular stone facade. Manufactured stone helps developers achieve this while keeping supply interruptions to a minimum and reducing purchasing costs. 

Engineered Stone Durability

Natural stone has been around for thousands on thousands of years and will continue to exist long after our time here on earth. In contrast, engineered stone doesn’t enjoy the same life span as natural stone. That being said, many manufactured stone products carry a 50-year warranty against manufacturing defects. When installed according to manufacturers’ recommendations, engineered stone products can last our life span, if not longer.

These include the correct enveloping, application procedures and maintenance routine.

Who Can Install Engineered Stone?

A properly trained stone veneer installer can install manufactured stone. Kapstone Masonry has the experience and expertise to install all types of engineered stone and brick veneers. If your project requires the installation of engineered stone or brick veneer, please don’t hesitate to call us at (403) 460-9225 or email us. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram.