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Interior Stone Veneer Options

Whether you are looking to do a large-scale renovation or to add finishing touches, stone and brick veneer is a great choice. It is lightweight, which means our stone mason contractors can use it in a variety of ways. There are also many different colour choices, letting you express your personal style and the look you are going for.

Nothing is more beautiful and eye-catching in a room than a stone fireplace! Natural stone is an intuitive choice for a fireplace, absorbing and storing heat. Stone veneer, whether natural stone or cultured stone, will give you the stunning look of real stone without the extra weight or expense. In any case, it is a great option for increasing the value of your home.

The versatility of stone and brick veneer makes it a great option for creating that unique feature wall you have always wanted. Or it can become the beautiful stone backsplash you have been dreaming of. Make your home renovation project a reality while maintaining your budget.

We spend a lot of time in our homes. Some feel we are spending around 70% of our time in our homes. Why not make your home a place you’ll enjoy? Even a small renovation can make a big impact. The options are endless with interior stone veneer designs. Maybe you are looking for a stone or brick feature wall in your bathroom or bedroom to create a rustic feel. Perhaps you want to bring in some of the outdoors with a conversation-starting stone fireplace. Natural and cultured stone veneer is easy to maintain and durable. Installation by our masonry contractors and bricklayers is quick and there is no need to reinforce any walls, saving you on installation costs.

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Stone Veneer Surrounds

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Interior Stone Veneer Ideas

On the inside of your home, stone veneer is all about design and highlighting features. 

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Accent Walls

Any room will benefit from an accent wall. In the kitchen, install the veneer behind the stove for an eye-catching backsplash. Choose a specific style and colour and our stone masons will transform your bathroom or bedroom to feel cozier or more spacious.

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Kitchen Islands

Pick a feature in your kitchen and enhance it! For example, a kitchen island is a perfect pick. The look of stone will add warmth to the space and create a custom look, adding great value.

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Stone Fireplace Wrap

Adding stone veneer to a fireplace is one of its most classic looks. It instantly transforms your fireplace into an eye-catching and luxurious centrepiece.

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