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[ Brick Veneer and Manufactured Stone Installation ]

Why Choose Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is virtually maintenance free. Like natural stone, a homeowner would merely need to wash the surface occasionally to remove dust or dirt.

The advantage of cultured stone is the cost! At one-third to half the cost once installed, stone veneer can help you meet your budget, while not sacrificing the custom details our stone masons will add to your project.

Will stone veneer increase the value of my home?

You might be surprised at the answer. According to AMA a stone veneer upgrade to the outside of your home is the #1 renovation that will add value to the curb appeal of your home. You could get a return of 95.6% on your investment.


Not only will stone veneer add a beautiful updated look to your home, it won’t break the budget.


Our stone masons are trained to use a wide variety of options to customize the look you want. There is such a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours that even a trained eye will have a hard time seeing the difference from natural stone.

Let us help you choose the right stone or brick for you, Here are some more ideas.

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Brick vs. Brick Veneer

The look of brick is timeless and classic. Many also choose this attractive material because it is incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Our experienced brick veneer installers are trained to work with brick veneers and manufactured stone. Our training and years of experience will get your project done right.

Our brick veneer masonry contractors can give you the same look and feel of solid brick while being cost-effective. It makes brick veneer a popular choice.

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Stone Veneer and Manufactured Stone

  • Manufactured stone and stone veneers are designed to last a lifetime
  • It’s resilient and cost-effective
  • Due to the design of the product and simplified installation procedure, manufactured stone can be as much as 3x less than solid brick
  • Low maintenance and keeps its colour for decades
  • Installation is far more flexible than solid brick. It can be installed at any point after the building is complete

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Exterior Stone Veneer Withstands Extreme Weather

Exterior stone veneer stands up to the Alberta climate.  Stone veneers are slow to absorb heat and require less insulation than other building systems.  That means it can withstand the cold Calgary winters as well as the hot sun in the summer.  In the spring, stone veneer can hold its own in hail storms that often hit the prairies at that time of year.  Exterior stone veneer is rated as one of the highest-grade building materials for durability, especially in extreme weather fluctuations. No wonder stone veneer is a popular choice for exterior home design in Calgary!

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Exterior Stone Veneer Adds Visual Appeal

Have you heard of the design rule of thirds?  Creatively using three types of siding for your home’s design can create a balance of colours and textures.  It brings together all of the exterior siding elements of your home with stone veneer.  Many of the exterior home designs we have worked on use this design rule.  Our team has often installed stone veneer on wrap-around porches to frame garage doors and to add a decorative touch to columns.  Exterior stone veneer also looks incredibly dynamic on duplexes and multi-family homes, creating a unified look to a multi-dwelling abode.