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All Your Questions About Stone and Brick Veneer Answered!

We interviewed a professional stone and brick veneer installer to answer some of your most commonly asked questions.  

What is a mason?

A mason is a professional tradesperson and they are skilled in many respects.  Ultimately, a mason is an ARTIST!  No two jobs are exactly alike.  It takes skill to know your materials, and the design and to bring the project to its completion and make it look beautiful every time.

What is the difference between a bricklayer and a mason?

Those 2 terms are often used interchangeably.  However, there is a slight difference in skillset.  A bricklayer will focus on bricks and blocks, whereas a mason works with a wider range of natural materials such as marble, stone and granite.  

What makes a good bricklayer or mason?

Since every job is different, a good mason will adapt to the environment of the project.  Being able to “see” the finished product before it’s completed is a great skill.  Also, the ability to make changes as the project develops and takes shape.  

What are the most common types of mason projects in Alberta?

Stone and brick veneer are extremely popular in Alberta.  Whether it’s new construction or renovation.  Veneers are applied to exteriors of homes, interior fireplaces and feature walls.  Our team has even done some unique projects like wine rooms!

What types of projects should I hire a bricklayer for?

We would recommend hiring a professional installer for most stone and brick veneer projects.  Especially if the project requires preliminary work to prevent moisture, water damage and mold.  This first step is called “enveloping” and it is always a good idea to hire an installer for this part of the job.  

Our company will warranty our install work for a year.  Plus, it may ensure the 50-year warranty on the stone won’t be nullified by a poor install.

On interior jobs that don’t necessarily require weatherproofing,  preparatory work still needs to be done properly.  My advice is always to consult with a professional before you start.

What is your favourite stone to work with?

Manufactured stone, most definitely.  Here in Calgary, our preferred supplier is Selkirk Stone.  They have a variety of stone profiles, all at the same price.  It’s easy to quote and most of their products are in stock.  Even if it’s not in stock, the timely availability is unbeatable.  

How much does it cost to hire a professional mason?

It varies per job depending on the requirements and the type of materials being used.  Fireplaces are priced per job.  Exteriors are priced per square foot, plus linear foot of corners.  

What is the turnaround time on a stone veneer project?

We can prep and finish a project within 2-3 weeks of starting it.  Interior projects generally take less time.  

How much does stone veneer weight?

Every stone is different, generally, each stone weighs about 8-10lbs per square foot.  

What is the difference between manufactured stone and stone veneer?

They are pretty much the same thing.  Both veneer and manufactured stone are cast in a mold.  There is a caution when choosing manufactured stone.  You want to ensure the stone is made from high-quality material. The stone veneer we choose always has a hardener in it.  

What makes Kapstone Masonry different from other masons?

We have in-house enveloping teams.  This helps us to streamline the installation process from start to finish.  Our team of professionals has built an excellent reputation over the 10 years we have been in business.  Plus, we are proud to work with top-10 builders in Calgary.  

Kapstone is here to help!

If you have any questions concerning your masonry or bricklaying project in the Calgary Area, Kapstone Masonry is here to help answer all your concerns. Feel free to email us, you can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram.